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Sanatorium Uzdrowiskowe ZNP w Nałęczowie

 The Project Title

“Complex thermal efficiency improvement and the application of the installation is guarantee of the high performance production of the electricity and the heat in the building of Sanatorium Uzdrowiskowe ZNP[health resort of Polish Teachers' Union in Nałęczów]”.

The Name of the Programme

The Operational Programme PL04 “Saving energy and promoting renewable energy source”.

The Donor

The Donor States of Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein (EEA and Norway Grants)

The Beneficiary

Związek Nauczycielstwa Polskiego oraz Sanatorium Uzdrowiskowe Związku Nauczycielstwa Polskiego w Nałęczowie [Teacher’s Union and Health Resort of Polish Teachers' Union in Nałęczów].

The Operator

The Ministry of the Environment in cooperation with the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

The Value of the Project

The value of the project amounts to 1,626,940 PLN

The Project Grant Rate

The Project Grant Rate amounts to 80% of the eligible costs i.e. 1,237,485.00 PLN.

The Objectives of the Project:

- Improvement in residence conditions- modernization of the central heating system- 351 internal points

- Improvement in air quality of the health resort municipality of Nałęczów- reduction of emission of CO2 by 344,85 Mg/year and production of energy from renewable sources- 348,86 MWh/year by application of cogeneration unit installment of   20 kW electric power and 39 kW thermal energy

- Savings in upkeep costs of the Health Resort Building- reduction in electricity consumption and the acquisition of energy from renewable sources - OZE [renewable energy]

- Improvement in energy security of the building

- Improvement in aesthetics of the Health Resort Building- external warm insulation- exterior wall surface amounts to 4410, 80 m2.