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Sanatorium Uzdrowiskowe ZNP w Nałęczowie

Tender procedure – modernisation of the heating system

15 June 2015

On 10 June 2015 a contract was signed for the execution of construction works “Execution of modernisation works of the heating system in the building of Sanatorium Uzdrowiskowe ZNP in Nałęczów”. The tender procedure was announced on 28 April 2015. In response to the request for bid, the quotations were submitted by 10 contractors. On 26 May 2015 the information was published on the choice of the most favourable quotation which was submitted by the company “SGW Budownictwo Waldemar Stelmach”, ul. Mokra 2, 26-600 Radom. The quotation complied with all requirements and conditions as determined in SIWZ and the proposed price was the lowest out of the non-rejectable quotations. The choice criterion of the quotation was in 100% the gross price.