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Sanatorium Uzdrowiskowe ZNP w Nałęczowie

Construction works progress

4 August 2015

Thermal insulation of walls           

Thermal insulation works on the northern façade of the building are in progress. Due to favourable atmospheric conditions, the contractor is slightly ahead of the schedule. Currently executed works include demolition works on the façade, earthworks at the foundations, damp insulation, thermal insulation with expanded polystyrene and mineral wool of cellar walls, plinths and building walls; the new lighting protection system is being executed as well as rain gutters and drain pipework; total thermal insulation of the flat roof with granulate material was carried out, new flashing is installed, roofs are covered with tar board.

Modernisation of the heating system

In progress are the works inside the building related to the new central heating installation. In the boiler house dismantling works are carried out; a cogeneration module was introduced to the building as well as heating water buffer tanks, the exhaust discharge system was installed on the façade of the building.