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Sanatorium Uzdrowiskowe ZNP w Nałęczowie

Conference closing the project

29th April 2017

On 28th April 2017 in the conference room of the Health Resort of the Polish Teachers’ Union (ZNP) in Nałęczów a conference was held ending officially the project entitled “Comprehensive   thermo-modernisation and installation of high-efficiency co-generation system of electric energy in the facility - the Health Resort of the Polish Teachers’ Union  in Nałęczów”, which was started in 2015. During the conference, which was attended by a significant number of the local residents, the Director of the Health Resort, Anna Lewandowska summed up the executed investment project and presented general objectives and assumptions of the project. In order to execute the task  the co-financing from the funds of Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014/ of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 was obtained under the Programme PL04 “Energy saving and promoting renewable energy sources”. The Operator of the Programme was the Ministry of the Environment along with the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

Project value: 1 683 375.93 PLN

Eligible costs: 1 488 211.27 PLN

Co-financing vale: 80% of eligible costs: 1 190 569.01 PLN

The need for the execution of the investment project resulted from the energy audit carried out in the building of the Health Resort of the Polish Teachers’ Union  in Nałęczów and from the need to lower the running costs of the Health Resort building.

The main objectives of the investment project included the improvement of  energy performance in the  Health Resort building of the Polish Teachers’ Union  in Nałęczów, generation of energy from renewable energy sources and improvement of air quality in Nałęczów health resort municipality.

The completed investment project will add to lowering of the CO2 emission by 344.85 Mg per year . The capacity to generate energy from renewable sources will be 348.86 MWh per year..

The following works were conducted within the scope of the project:

-  thermal insulation of the walls and foundations of the building – 3677.28 m2,

-  thermal insulation of the attics with granulate - 968 m2,

-  thermal insulation of the roof with polystyrene foam boards - 205 m2,

-  replacement of roof gutters and downpipes,

-  execution of splash aprons round the building made of paving slabs,

-  new lightning protection system,

-  new central heating system - piping 3218 running metres,

-  installation of new radiators - 351 pcs.,

-  installation of  a high efficiency co-generation module of 20 KW electric power and 39 KW thermal power,

-  installation of 1000 l buffer tanks for heating water  - 2 pcs.